Outdoor Pet Water Sprinkler Easy Activated Dog

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Outdoor Pet Water Sprinkler Easy Activated Dog


  • This design also offers a playful way for your dog to cool down from oppressive heat. With easy, self-initiated, access they can quickly press and play to cool down when you're away. Ideal for medium to large dogs.

  • Simply connect one end of the water tube to your device and the other end to a threaded faucet, turn on the faucet, set the pressure using the splitter and you¡¯re ready to go! This easy installation will save time cleaning and refilling water bowls.

  • Durable materials were used to ensure durability and extended use outdoors. Heavy gauge steel forms the pedal frame, while a durable plastic valve and friction pads modulate movement and seal the frame to the hose. Avoid use in the winter to prevent damage to the hose.

  • The Doggie Fountain provides your dog with constant access to fresh, clean water. All they need to do is press on the paw design of the pad for a gentle stream of clean water. With minimal training, the pet can easily be trained to perform this motion.

  • The fountain is a great device to encourage your dog to drink fresh water whenever they feel thirsty. Keep your dog cool in hot summer!